• 21 August 2017

    How Safe Are Your Children?

    It has been reported recently by the Clinical Research Centre Perak (CRC) that 44% of school-going children in an experiment do not wear motorcycle helmets when riding to school, and that the percentage of children not wearing helmets is higher when they are transported to school by an adult.

    Parents should be responsible for the safety of their children and should encourage the use of motorcycle helmets. Statistics quoted by the World Health Organization show that helmet use reduces the chance of serious head injuries in motorcycle accidents by up to 45%. Injuries from motor-vehicle accidents can lead to permanent disability, loss of independence and loss of potential in children.

    Let us do our part in ensuring the well-being and safety of our children.

    For more information on the CRC report on helmet use of school-going children, click here.

    • 10 August 2017
    Pic By: Natasya Khairuddin Facebook

    Helped by a Total Stranger

    It was posted on social media recently by Natasya Khairuddin, 24, that a total stranger had given her the keys to his motorcycle when she and her husband had suffered a motorcycle tyre puncture in the evening along the New Klang Valley Expressway.

    The stranger, Muhamad Israq Esdizul, 27, now nicknamed online as ‘Abang Baju Merah’, was on his recently purchased motorcycle when he spotted the couple pushing theirs along the highway. He stopped to help and, when noticing that the punctured tyre could still bear the weight of one person but not two, gave the couple the keys to his motorcycle while he rode theirs to a workshop.

    In the online posting, Natasya thanked Abang Baju Merah and remarked that, without his help, she and her husband would not have reached the Setia Alam Toll even by 9.00 PM at night.

    When asked later about entrusting his keys to an unknown couple, Muhamad Israq replied that he put his faith in God, and that he only wanted to help.

    The social media posting had been shared 6.3 Thousand times, and the video accompanying the posting had been viewed 1.1 Million times as at moment of writing.

    To see the social media posting, click here.