• 13 February 2017

    Congratulations to JomPAY-CIMB Win A Vacation Campaign Winners!

    From 1st September 2016 to 31st December 2016, JomPAY and CIMB had conducted the 'Win a Vacation Campaign' where Customers and Dealers who made their Parkson Credit repayments through JomPAY were randomly selected to answer a question relating to the Campaign to win Travel Vouchers or a brand new Smartphone.

    By the end of the Campaign, a total of 18 Parkson Credit Customers and Dealers have won a Samsung Galaxy J510 each, with 1 lucky person winning the Travel Voucher Consolation Prize of RM1,000.00.

    A full list of winners and the Campaign details can be found here.

    Parkson Credit would like to thank our loyal Customers and Dealers together with JomPAY and CIMB for making the Campaign a success!

    • 13 February 2017

    Be Careful of Fake Facebook Pages!

    Recently, Parkson Credit has taken down an unauthorized Facebook page claiming to be our official Facebook presence. Please be informed that Parkson Credit does not operate any official Facebook accounts at present time.

    Fake social media accounts of recognizable companies are often used to spread misinformation and/or conduct scams. Always double check the authenticity of any page or accounts of companies for suspicious elements before submitting any personal or financial data.

    If you need to contact Parkson Credit for any inquires, please contact us through our enquiries page, via e-mail at cs@parksoncredit.com.my or through our telephone numbers on our contacts page.