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    • 01 June 2018

    1st June 2018 Zero-Rated GST Implementation

    In view of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to be reduced from the existing rate of 6% to 0% effective 1st June 2018 by the Ministry of Finance Malaysia throughout the country, it is Parkson Credit’s goal to ensure our Customers’ enjoy the effects of this reduction and being treated fairly.

    So, be sure to ask for the latest GST Zero-Rated motorcycle finance guide when you plan to finance your motorcycle purchase. At the same time, as a demonstration of our commitment to the GST Zero-Rated Implementation, below are the adjusted fees and charges effective 1st June 2018.

    NO. Item Existing
    (GST 6%)
    1st June 2018
    (GST 0%)
    1 Customer IDEAL-CS (Credit Sale) Processing Fee RM 50.00
    (GST inclusive)
    RM 47.10
    2 IDEAL-Care Personal Assurance with Credit Protection Plan 80 RM 80.00
    (GST inclusive)
    RM 75.40
    Plan 100 RM 100.00
    (GST inclusive)
    RM 94.30