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    • 10 December 2020

    Theft Gap Loss Benefit Pay-Out to Customer Who Lost His Motorcycle Due to Theft

    Losing one’s vehicle due to theft is a very stressful experience. En. Azmi had the unfortunate incident happened to him lately and the frustration of the police reporting as well as insurance claiming process can be extremely nerve-wracking.

    Fortunately, the customer who financed his motorcycle with Parkson Credit is well covered by the Theft Loss Gap Benefit, which pays the difference between the first year sum insured and the approved sum by the customer’s comprehensive all rider motor insurance policy.

    En. Azmi is one happy and satisfied customer in the end. A perfect conclusion to a frustrating situation.

    The Theft Loss Gap Benefit is the first of its kind in the motorcycle financing industry and provides extra peace of mind for customers. It reduces the customers’ financial burden in the event of a motorcycle loss due to theft and provides financial aid to the customer for their next motorcycle purchase.